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by Omenopus

This EP features two Hawkwind alums (Bridget Wishart and Simon House) and Don Falcone of Spirits Burning fame. The music here has references to both of those acts and would probably fall under the space rock heading, but that’s a bit too limiting for it. This is great music and any fans of space rock or progressive rock that’s in that vein should really enjoy it.

Gary Hill.




Time Flies
by Omenopus

Omenopus: the name gives nothing away. Shrouded with the power of enigma, their debut album could lead anywhere. And winding, weaving its way over the earth like a cosmic ray of New Age energy, it does just that. Swinging between fragile innocence and venomous admissions, welcoming depths and icy caverns, ‘Time Flies’ is an unearthly experience, yet very much tied to the elements.

Robyn Simmons.


Allies & Clansmen
by Various Artists

SOLD OUT.  There will NOT be any more made.

This album is now very rare and hard to find, but they do appear on eBay every now and then, if you're lucky.




Waiting For No One
by nineteentwelve (1912)

1912’s “Please Take Me Away From Here” has lilting piano that hits a more prog rock vein and reminded me of recent releases by Opeth in its execution and has a wonderful Gilmoresque guitar solo.

Gary Parsons.



The Plague
by Omenopus

The Plague, portrayed through the sympathetic lyrics of Bridget Wishart and Thomas Nashe as poetry, nursery rhymes and litanies, is one woman’s allegory of England during the 1300's as the plague and death advance across the land.




Allies & Clansmen:
The Next Descendant
by Various Artists
SOLD OUT.  There will NOT be any more made.

16 Great Artists

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Remnants of a Rose
by Sarah K Panton
The sound of songs past heard on the top of a hill on a summers day.
Gary Parsons.








by nineteentwelve (1912)
Elegy is a fabulous return from the UK band nineteentwelve.  A powerful and triumphant prog album for the 21st century.

The Physician
by Omenopus
Special release.
This CD was only available to members of the Omenopus Mailing List.

The Archives
by Omenopus

During the recording of this album, every pop, click and crackle was left in. Any interference or static was enhanced. Any background sounds introduced were left with no filtering. This is our noisiest album so far. In fact it's a complete wreck...  Interested?


The Compendium Of Souvenirs
by Omenopus

We're giving away an album for "FREE".

Meant as an introduction to Omenopus, with a great choice of tracks from previous CDs, some alternative mixes and even a brand new track: an innovative cover of Kraftwerk's "The Robots"...  Interested?

Released 16th June 2014.

New World Order
by nineteentwelve
Released 1st February 2016.


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